Dog Years

So happy to have had a little time with clay today. It has
been so long since I have been able to spend any time with it and I
have been YEARNING. I am so glad that I have this outlet in my life and
want to work on nourishing the need for creative outlet even though I
don't technically have my studio up and running yet.

I love this artist, Maggie Rogers. Her creativity inspires me. I am
feeling "old" when I see these young beauties conquering their passions.


My escapes...

So many stressful situations all around me. All around us all. Focusing on the things that I look forward to. My studio. Good health for loved ones. Self care for self. Happy times with friends. Experiencing the beauty around us. Finding my tribe. Enjoy-Hollow Coves-Coastline


I always love to share the music that is moving me. I am so in love with this artist, Maggie Rogers. I am almost suffocating from not having my pottery as my creative outlet, but I know that the time will come soon for the studio to be built and it will be worth the wait. I need to put my creative energy into unpacking and sorting all of our belongings from our move. I need to mingle with an artistic community. I need to get to a yoga class. I need to chill.


Maggie Rogers - Alaska

So many transitions and adaptations in our lives here now that we are settling in Minnesota. We are so grateful to be able to stay with my brother and his gal, and we continue to look forward to live in our own home...SOON! We were finally able to close on our fixer upper in early July and have been working nonstop to prep it for dwelling. A snag in the entire upstairs flooring situation has us set back on our move in date. My studio will be the last thing on the list to be created. It is so far from my mind right now, that I actually will get to work again, in my own space, my own work. I don't miss Indiana, I just miss my people and making pottery. So thankful for all that we DO have.

I And Love And You

Loving our new lives in MN and looking forward to closing on our house next week (FINALLY)!!! My pottery studio will be set up, but not exactly sometime soon. Lots of other work, first.

"Dumbed down and numbed by time and age
Your dreams to catch the world, the cage
The highway sets the traveler's stage
All exits look the same."

Preparing for departure...

"Please remember me, fondly."

"Slow Down"

We are moving to Minnesota, soon! I am spinning in a whirlwind of buying and selling homes, planning a move 500 miles away and packing up all that we own. My studio is almost all wrapped up, and packed up. I have no idea of when it will have its chance to surface again. Hopefully soon. Looking forward.