recently, the ambiance of a spring night accompanied by a bottle of yellowtail shiraz led to reminiscing about senior project ('o4) with eric (sister's man). we trodded though senior project together, as it was primarily an exercise in bitter-sweet self-discovery. at the time, the critiques were uneventful and usually resulted in frustration on behalf of both the students and professors. i was pushing myself to throw larger forms; moving away from making bottle-necked vases and towards making large wall platters. i was determined to express myself with the balance i juggled between the glaze palette i developed and the from i created. earthtones and a matte surface on a large, yet delicate frame. i remember that even though this was the year of a great personal struggle as my sister died, it was also the year of my greatest accomplishments thus far with clay and self-expression. these platters were formed by hands weighed down by a great deal of grief. they are very symbolic and sentimental to me because of this.


  1. this post is so beautifully written. and the pieces are lovely as well.

  2. my lovely friendship your expression is so honest and this is why I love you soooo