~purple pastime~

i made these bowls a few years ago and they still make me smile when i look at them. i don't use them functionally, rather i just stare at them. at the time i made them, i was supervising/instructing a beginning ceramics class for a previous professor of mine. i whipped these out while the students were wobbling away at the wheels and i didn't dare interfere with their experience. it was the first time my hands had touched clay since the year before, and i was a little timid with the process. the significance of these bowls to me is that they mark the beginning of my quest to rekindle my love of making pottery. i made these for the sake of self-expression.


  1. I love all of your work, keep being creative :)

  2. These remind me of the two little ones of yours I have on my counter. I wish I had taken the whole set, but felt such a pig. It's a treasure to have you with me in my kitchen every day. Thanks for keeping me company! auntie susie