a day for dads...

in the spirit of father's day, i took many pauses and reminisced about my dad, "dave". it seems to me this precious photo captured his essence. what a sweet, tall, loving, australian, worried, funny, supportive, thoughtful, intuitive, and brave man he was. i am so lucky to have had such an amazing dad in my life, even though our time together was cut short by his sudden death in 1993. he is such a huge part of who i am today and i often wonder what our conversations would entail at this age/stage in my life. he is always missed.

i love seeing people i know turn into moms and dads. as they build their families i think about how my family was when i was growing up. i love having a huge family. what a jumble of personalities and styles we are! lately i've been surrounded by young dads that love their kids and i am reminded of my dad. it's good to know that there are other good dads out there.

happy father's day!

p.s. my dad is the one in the middle


  1. I never knew "the brotherhood" went back so many years! What a lovely tribute you've written. I think this photo puts into perspective for me where your family's hilarious sense of humor came from!

  2. i love this post... and you.

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday. What a jolly picture of your Dad. He was always full of good humor and you can see his sweet disposition in his smile.

    Now the Brotherhood has a new generation, but you also have such a fine Sisterhood in the family. You are such an important piece of the puzzle that makes up your clan. Such a unique, fun, one-of-a-kind family :) I am lucky to have been a part of so many celebrations with all of you.

  4. you are special in soooooo many ways and for that I love you