o happy day!

i've been waiting for today for a long time, and it has finally arrived! there is something to be said about being patient and not giving up when push comes to shove. today was my last day at a job that i have felt so out of place at for the past 3 years. time to celebrate! i am no longer a case manager! i must say, i have learned a tremendous amount about myself during this time, because of this experience. on this journey, there have been many valleys and few peaks. i have met people from ALL walks of life in this community and i have been honored to walk alongside them as they strive to reach their goals. now it is MY time and i am ready...and a tad bit scared. what's on the agenda for the future? making my pottery and working at "tile and stoneworks corporation". more about the "job" later.

as for tomorrow, i have in mind to start off the day with a jaunt to the coffee shop, on my bike, to fetch a quenching iced espresso-based delight. i may do some rummaging around the hood and later head to the art store to find some rub on lettering and what not. it is hard to believe that i no longer have to dread going into work, have the sunday night blues, or wear heels if i don't want to. time to let it sink in...


  1. yea! congratulations! i hope part of your "hood rummaging" involves stopping by my not-going-to-be-rained-out garage sale! we'll be on the front porch.

  2. i smiled when i read this post. i'm so happy for you! free at last!

  3. Although I miss you terribly, I am so blessed to know that through my journey here as a casemanager (which will hopefully be over sooner than later) that I made an amazing friend whom I will have in my life for a long time. You are inspiring.