spent the weekend with my best friend caroline and i keep catching myself smiling as i think it over. due to distance, it is rare that we are able to spend time in the same physical space...but we maintain. we've been friends, good friends, for almost 20 years. it blows my mind to realize this. with that in mind, it only makes sense that we have greeted each other on several occasions wearing the same/exact bracelet, carrying the same/exact purse, and most recently...having our hair pulled back in the same/exact lower side-ponytail. i sense a twin spirit amongst us. it never fails that when we are together something very oddly memorable happens to mark our visits. this weekend we captured this beautiful rainbow.

as i move toward a lifestyle that is more ME, i remind myself to not let fear hold me back any longer. instead of "practicing" fear, i practice wellness, creativity, wholeness, and being nothing other that just who i really am. to me, this rainbow represents a bridge or sorts and i am grateful to have all of these wonderful people in my life to walk alongside along the way.

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  1. i am glad that you and caroline had such a beautiful time together. i am excited for you and am cheering you on as you cross this bridge :) xoxo