barr street~

i would love to somehow blur the background of this photo, but i am not that photo shop savvy these days.

honestly, i am feeling somewhat "whip lashed" from this weekend's events, similar to how i felt after our wedding. i tend to let things build up and think i am calm and fine and then later realize that i really need some time to recoup. there was so much energy built up from creating in a crunch, planning on a penny, and wildly wondering about what to expect of the market. time for a little relaxation!

i arrived to the market a little later than anticipated, with tony beside me huffing and puffing in response to my tardiness. i was somewhat unprepared as i did not have a tent to protect from the downfall that occurred shortly after arriving. luckily, a few vendors scrambled away from the market due to the weather and i scored a spot under the red tent. lesson learned. the morning foot traffic was rather light, due to the weather, and the 3 rivers festival kick off parade going on a few blocks away. after the sky cleared people began to meander into the market. i found it amusing to mingle with the vendors and the community and get some ideas of what i want to make for the next market that i am going to participate in (august 2nd). i am grateful that tony stuck around (really he had no choice- i insisted!) and helped me with the entire event. i was mainly surprised that people appeared more interested in the doorknobs with polaroid emulsion transfers i used as display on my table than they were in the pottery. i intend to incorporate the transfers into my pottery for the next show, but i think i might also throw in a few doorknobs as a crowd pleaser. all in all, the event was not profitable for me, but i am not discouraged because i had a lot of positive feedback and brainstorming take place.

i am truly doing this for the love of it and that feeds my soul.

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  1. your display looks wonderful, I am very proud of you