remember to breathe

today i finished trimming the last of the bowls for the barr street market. my hands are FINALLY starting to recall how to throw and because of this i feel a huge sense of relief. back when i starting throwing again i decided to focus on making bowls to get back into the swing of things. in the beginning it was disheartening to feel like i had lost my skills and that i wouldn't be as "good" as i once was. now it's nice to take a minute to sit back and recognize the journey i have been on for the past few years. i finally feel like i am sinking back into whole myself, the self that is authentic. this makes living much more enjoyable. sometimes when i throw i get so focused that i realize that i am holding my breath. for what? i do the same thing in yoga. ultimately, my breath always brings me back to the present. now i feel like i can move forward and start working on other forms and cranking out some polaroid transfers to work in symbiosis with my pottery.


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  1. Symbiosis is like mitosis and miosis only for those in the know-sis. :P
    Your work is lovely. I cannot wait to contemplate in person.
    Also, you look really tan. Are you wearing a light, perhaps sparking bronzer? It looks fantastic, my friend, simply scrumptious.