workin it~

so, i've been working away at these very bowls. i need to throw a few more before i feel as though i might just have enough for the barr street market on the 12th of this month. crunch time! i tend to work more productively during these times though. it's bad, but have NO idea of how i want to glaze these bad boys. i suppose i will keep it simple and stick with my palate of earth tones. i will wrap up the throwing and trimming this weekend and start firing up the kiln early next week. i am keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out beautifully. this is going to be my first display of my work since i graduated 4 years ago and it is a little scary. my experience and perspective with the whole process of making art has changed over time. my intentions with my work is to have the pieces used and loved.


  1. they look gorgeous already! i'll definitely be stopping by the barr street market :)

  2. laura-
    you are so talented. tell me more about the barr street market, i think that i am going to have to make a trek up there!!