i found myself stalking my kiln this week as the glaze firing was cooling. it was hard to muster up some patience and wait for the temperature to drop low enough for me to prop open the kiln and take a peek. when i was finally able to open the kiln and take a closer look, i was somewhat let down. there is always so much build up and anticipation to a firing, that when it doesn't turn out as dreamed, there is a great deal of disappointment to get over before moving on and gathering up the steam to produce again. i know that this is part of the process of making art, and i am starting to feel over the "hump" of the disappointment and get some new ideas. tomorrow i will be a vendor again at the barr street market. you just never know what will happen! being a vendor has helped to jump-start my productivity and creativity and get back into making pottery, but i am really looking forward to spending this fall focusing and working on integrating self-expression into my work. right now i feel like i am working on pebbles within he stepping stones that will lead me to where i want to be as an artist. the journey is just beginning. and with that note, i have posted a picture of working the polaroid transfers onto my pottery. this is my first attempt at this and i look forward to seeing this evolve. both my husband and sister had a similar reaction to the piece when they saw it...wondering why the transfer was "crumpled" onto the form. i did this intentionally to try to balance out the squareness of the transfer and the roundness of the bowl. i am not sure if i even like it...but i thought i would share it.

time to get out the sketchbook~

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  1. laura, this is beautiful! i love this piece! my firsy thought was that it looks feathery... and watercolry and ink-washy... can't exactly explain it! but i think it's absolutely lovely. keep up the good work!