marketing 101...

yet another barr street market experience and more ideas of what i want to create next. i am left feeling rejuvenated and focused (in terms of my relationship to my art anyway), what more could i ask for? it turned out to be one of the most beautiful summer days and a great one for foot traffic at the market. i am finding that what i LOVE the most about the market is running into and meeting more awesome people in fort wayne, indiana. i am learning so much from this experience. i appreciate all of the support the community puts forth toward the market, and i am thankful for the interest people have shown in my pottery. i can't wait to see what the next market brings~


  1. what a beautiful day it was, and you and your fabulous wares fit right in! congrats on a great day at the market :)

  2. laura...i love your blog, you have such a unique writing style....your personality really shines through! i hope you will be at barr street tomorrow, as mom and i will be paying you a visit. glazed 20 pots, trimmed 10 and loaded a big bisque today...right there with ya! :0)