nice spread...

the market is over for me (for this year anyway) and i am feeling somewhat accomplished now that i can look back and remember all of my lovely wares and add up a few bucks here and there from my sales. i'll admit, there are some things "left over" that i don't really favor, but they will make great gifts, right?. looking back on the market, there were times i was feeling a little under pressure to create on a deadline, but this whole experience has really helped me find my own rhythm of throwing and get myself out there. it was valuable practice. the BEST part of it all was the feeling i got when someone would pick up a piece that they were drawn to and buy it as a gift or a treat for themselves. i love imagining people admiring and using these pieces when they get them home. thank you to all of you who supported the market and my endeavors.

next: i am going to focus on setting up my etsy shop. i have been talking about doing this for a long time, and the time has finally come.

time to clean up the studio and start fresh!


  1. yay! I said I was giving the bowl (pictured below :-) ) as a gift for my sister....well....she ended up with a gift certificate, and I ended up with the bowl! ha!

    Let me know when you set up shop, I am definitely a fan!!


  2. Yay! I said I was buying the bowl as a gift...but I couldn't part with it!

    I am definitely a fan! Let me know when you set up shop, because I owe someone a great gift! :-)

    Awesome work!!

  3. thanks jade!!! that's so sweet of you :-)