you win some, you lose some...

in preparation for the upcoming barr street market this saturday, i've been somewhat of a busy body in the studio for the past few weeks. i constantly had to remind myself to focus on quality, not quantity. this helped me to remain mindful and churn some creative juices at the same time. i look forward to AFTER the market because i will have more time to play around in the studio and experiment with some of the ideas i have for forms and surface decoration as well as fanagaling the firing schedules to work better with the clay and glazes. i can't wait to mess around with my glazes more.

it would really be in my best interest if i put a lock on the door to the studio when the kiln is cooling after a glaze firing. i would have to give the key to my husband for "safe keeping". this is all necessary because i stalk the kiln in an obvious obsessive compulsive manner. i just have a really hard time waiting to crack er' open and see what marvels and upsets are to be had.

this most recent firing (finally cooled down!) rendered some pieces that i'm fond of, and others that break my heart due to some blistering issues. there were a lot of losses because of this. mistakes are all about learning, right? i plan to slow down the firing and cooling as well as lower the temperature that i bisque the work at in the first place. i'm really grateful for the pieces that did turn out.

this is my favorite piece from this firing~
hope to see you saturday!


  1. I love the colors in this... beautiful just like the artist :)