looking back~

from time to time i reminisce about when i first made the connection between my mind and body that i wanted to pursue working with clay. i was introduced to the wheel in high school by my awesome art teacher, mr. burton. after i gave it a whirl, i remember thinking that i probably wouldn't do too much more of that nonsense. when i went off to college, i had no idea of what i wanted to study, or who i wanted to be when i grew up. i thought maybe anthropology or teaching art would suit me best. but after taking various courses and remaining "undecided", i decided that anthropology wasn't going to be my major and i was too homesick and dealing with the grief of the death of my dad (5 years prior) to stay and sort anything out about my life at that time.

she'll probably never know it, but clay artist Christa Assad had a huge impact on me when i first started working in the 3-d realm. during my freshman year at IU bloomington, she happened to be (student) teaching my 3-d design fundamentals class. at the time, i was a little intimidated by her awesome personality and sense of style. but when it came to critiques on our plaster carvings, cardboard chair and wood project, my eyes were opened by her to: find a way to express yourself though your art, focus on craftsmanship, and view the object from all angles to be sure it was pleasing to the eye. though i've had many other major influences over the years as i develop as an artist, i still enjoy following Christa's website and admire her work. she is an inspirational artist. i recommend checking her out.

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