"shine without form"

i've heard that laughter is the "best" medicine and i believe this is true. i love the the side-effects of getting a dose of time with my lovely friends. especially the ones that no longer live near. lindsey (on right) made a pit stop to visit home before she resumes her travels around the world. she is an inspiration to me as she doesn't let fear block her path. she is a thai massage therapist, a dedicated yoga practitioner, and certified instructor of several yoga styles. she has whittled her belongings down to the bare minimum of essentials and has let go of the material world. best of all, we share a bond that reciprocates love. who else would open my eyes to the fact that oreos dipped into blackberry cherry tea are DELICIOUS!?

i entitled this posting "shine without form" because it is my favorite thing that lindsey has taught me.


  1. i smiled when i saw this post. i know how special this friendship is to you!