starting line...

i've been spending my days working on these little ones. during my senior year of college, i spent a LOT of time working on the vase form. i haven't thrown a vase since then and i was surprised to see some turn up on the wheel the other day.
the cups you see here can be used for anything...they are "handy" like that.

i would be really embarrassed if my college ceramics professor caught sight of the handles on my mugs...but i never was one for making handles. i will have to do some research to find a handle making process that suites me better.

i am waiting for more clay to arrive, so in the meantime i am going to work on my glaze color palate. i have new glazes to play around with and will do some testing over the weekend to see what happens.

tonight i am going to the 7th Regional Exhibition at Artlink. it may be inspiring...

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