two for tea~

it's always hard when close friends move away in pursuit of dreams. there is happiness in waving goodbye and wishing them well, sadness in acknowledging the long distance that separates. our close friends jessica (left) and john visited this weekend from oregon. it would be fruitless to attempt to translate the reunion into words. it's just nice to always be able to pick up right where you left off and linger in the moments that are spent together. along with being a dear friend of mine, jessica's sense of jewelry design and mastery of craftsmanship are noteworthy influences to me and my relationship to my art. she is a metalsmither and currently designing and producing at Nashelle in bend, oregon. her husband's photography is also an inspiration to me as he captures such a raw organic essence of humans and nature. i have been spoiled by jessica's gifts of remarkable jewelry creations that she has made over the years. when i first saw her work with mokume gane i knew that tony (my husband) and i would commission her to make our wedding bands. the symbolism and origin of our rings are priceless and a beautiful reminder of our love. because of this, i am grateful to jessica to have such beauty in my life. i miss her again already...

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