my bearings~

the week was packed with sketching, planning, designing and LOTS of glazing. it ended up being a welcomed break away from the wheel and a chance to further connect with the wares as i applied my ideas to the surfaces. i haven't quite hit the nail on the head with what i want to see when i open up the kiln but, i do have a fondness for some of my most recent works. what do i want to see when i open the kiln? i can't put it to words, but it will be a sort of recognition i have with the work as it reflects my desire to engage with the beauty in nature. taking visual cues from nature, i am seeking something organic and natural, elegant and sturdy.

because i have all of this time on my hands (no complaints) and the time is spent alone, i am finding that i have a much different relationship to the work that is being produced. aside from the random book on tape playing in the background, the clay has my full attention. it all starts with wedging the clay. i sense the peak of connection as the form develops on the wheel. if i think too hard about what i am doing or what form i want to create, something inevitably goes amiss. if i keep an open mind i tend to create something that suits my fancy.

i'm off to finish glazing a second load of wares and fire up the kiln. hopefully when i crack the kiln open tomorrow night i will have a glimpse of the balance that i aspire to grasp.