studio flow~

i seem to have run out of steam with keeping "on task" in the studio for the past few weeks. after submitting the work i created for the holiday art market at artlink, i decided that i deserved to take some time to rejuvenate my mind and stray from the studio for a few...days... and retreat to the couch. it was hard to give myself the permission to be lazy and i struggled with feeling guilty about it. this week i have been slowly settling back into the swing of things and being patient with myself in terms of understanding where i want to go with my work. i am still transitioning into this lifestyle that i am creating/formulating for myself, the one that i always dreamed about. it is sometimes hard to silence the voice in the back of my head that wonders when all of this bliss will have to end and i will have to go back to the mainstream world of working as someone else's employee. but, i strive to live in the present moment and be as productive as i can be, creating work that comes from my body and soul. deep down i know that this is what i want to do, this is my gift, and i will do what i can to make it work into my life as a style of living that i inhabit.

a major issue i had with getting back into the studio this week was constantly contemplating "what's next?" in terms of what to make. i decided to make use of my massive collection of interior design magazines and clip out the photos that inspired me with forms and color schemes that i want to work with. ever since doing this, i have felt a sense of relief and feel the excitement again to throw and glaze. wheew! so, this clipping out of magazines is a new tool that i will use on a daily basis for collecting tidbits of inspiration. i also decided to take up an additional yoga class, a different style than what i normally practice. practicing making the connection between my mind and body is so important to me and it carries over into my work.

balance...it is happening!


  1. I like all the clippings. I wish I could let myself take breaks without feeling guilty. It's not easy.

  2. I like the collection!! Is that one of our famous menus underneath all of those pictures? That is definitley inspiration..especially if Jeff M. Neals was involved. Succulent.