getting there...

here is a snapshot of my attempt at the "botanical silhouette" idea i have been mulling around in my head. i have some experimenting to do and really look forward to working on this idea more. at this point i have to brush on my glazes because i buy them in small quantities. i really miss being able to dip them because of the convenience and also because i prefer the end result. i hope to have the capacity and funds make my own glazes again soon!

i dropped these two off at Artlink today to add to the holiday art market. this show will continue until december 23rd so check it out if you are looking for a lovely local handmade gift!


  1. awe, so are you guys! thanks~

  2. i made a couple purchases...:-) they would make great gifts if they ever left my house....ha!

  3. jade...that is so sweet of you. if you ever want anymore, just let me know and i have a lot here at home that will be wanting a home soon! thanks for your support ;-)