sweet silhouettes~

i noticed last night that tend to have my bottom lip clenched between my teeth when i open up the kiln after a glaze firing. there is so much work that goes into bringing an idea for a piece to fruition that when it doesn't turn out as hoped, there is much disappointment to learn from and move forward. sometimes that isn't easy because you have to accept it, troubleshoot, take some steps backwards, and realign yourself to start fresh...it's like a "low blow". so last night, lip clenched and breath held, i propped open the kiln and smiled. i was so pleased with how this firing turned out! honestly, i haven't been this pleased with a body of work since i graduated from college in 2004. that's a LONG time to be yearning for that feeling of accomplishment. but, just like anything...practice makes "perfect". so, here i am continuing forward and looking on the bright side of the possibilities of this theme evolving.

what's next? i'm off to the studio!


  1. they all look fabulous!!! i love those two blue bowls. I almost accidentally typed "bowels" instead of "bowels." hahaha. now i am laughing thinking about "blue bowels"...