Way back when~

Before moving forward with a new body of work for the upcoming Orchard Gallery Show, I thought I would pause for a few to share some of my favorite works from "Senior Project" in College (2003-2004). At the time, I was focused on the bottleneck form and large wall platters and I preferred to reduction fire my work to cone 10 in the gas kiln. During my Senior year, I was the "Lab-Technician" for the Ceramics Department and responsible for firing up the huge, old, scary gas kiln. I would tense up every time I lit the pilot light and hope that I wouldn't blow up. There was no way of hiding the scardy cat in me. The firings would generally last 8-10 hours and required manipulation and monitoring the entire time. I am so glad those days are over, but I do miss the beauty that reduction firings render. I now oxidation fire my work in an electric kiln to cone 6. This firing method is much easier to manage and control as it does not require constant manipulation and the results are consistent.

Time to brainstorm a new body of work!

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