Final product~

Luckily the turquoise glaze did not bubble! I am really pleased with how the "Leaf Motif" project turned out and sense this theme evolving into my next project. I will post pictures of all of the "Reds, Yellows, and Blues" work when it is set up at the gallery.
I usually take photos of my work on the table posted above. This time in preparation to take photos, it dawned on me that this color scheme (above) must have leaked into my work. I know the theme of the upcoming show is "Reds, Yellows, and Blues" but I seem to respond to these glaze tones in other aspects of my life as well. This image (above) is usually in my line of vision when I sketch and must have seeped into my mind as I was brainstorming the color arrangement of the leaf motive project. I try to stay keen to what triggers inspiration for me and I find that (so far) it is stirred by both nature and vignettes of decorative home furnishings.

As I complete this particular project and conjure up ideas for the next, I also find myself within the whirlwind of my creative process. In my head, the entire process is parceled into a flow of steps. When in the "step" that I am in currently, I linger and rest, recharging for whatever is next. Bridging the gap between this step and the next has been a bit of a snag for me in the past, but as long as I keep exposing myself to things that inspire me, the process retains continuity. I am moving towards wanting to take some time to make a set of something. Something other than bowls...possibly a tea set.


  1. I LOVE it! I'm going to have to go to this show and buy a piece. Awesome.

  2. Awe Alison, thank you for always being so supportive!

  3. love it- love it- love it-
    I also think it would be cool on the outside of a "tall" bowl so when filled or on a shelf the design would be visible.
    You are amazing.. love ya