I seem to have stumbled into a dry spell of introspection when it comes to my pottery lately but, I have snagged enough rays of vitamin D in the past few days to put some thoughts together.

To say that I have been a busy bee in the studio would be slightly stretching it, so I will honestly say that I have been puttering around as I work to complete this body of work for the Art 4 Sale show. It isn't for lack of interest, but because spring fever has been taking its timely toll. I have fallen into a "thoughtful" phase and mustering up enough specks of inspiration to create a spark of ideas seemed to be depleting. It's as though my feet are planted in the mud and I don't move forward or backward. As I realize that this is okay, I settle deeper into this lifestyle that I am creating for myself. With the shifting of the seasons I sense an internal shift with my relationship with my art. I am shedding my apprehensions and foresee more of ME being immersed into the clay form and surface. What does this mean? I'm not quite sure but have been wanting to incorporate words into my work. I still crave to feel a sense of recognition when I look at my work, but I know that will come with focused practice and time. It is high time I drag out the daylab and start playing around with the Polaroid transfers I always daydream about applying to my work. I need some outside inspiration, not just from nature, but from others that are creating away and expressing themselves though different mediums...perhaps a workshop this summer?

Looking forward!


  1. laura, can't wait to see your new pieces at art4sale.....and hope to see you and tony at the thursday night reception. they put out a good spread! kristy jo.