Step 1- Position the clay on the wheel.
Step 2- Center the clay.
Step 3- Open the clay by applying pressure to the center of the lump.
Step 4- Form the lump by applying equal pressure on the inside and out and pulling up the clay.

I'd have to say, I was a tad flattered this weekend when my 8 year old nephew, Simon, told me that he wanted me to teach him how to throw on the wheel. Today ended up being the perfect rainy day to spend in my basement studio and we took full advantage of the time that we shared to make some memories. To start off, I threw a few forms to show him the ropes and when his turn came I guided him though the steps. In the beginning I did a lot "stepping in" to help restore the form, but after a while I let him lose and he was superb! It was amusing to sit back and watch him position himself as he recalled pointers I gave him for each step.

Something I noticed, more than ever, today was that his little hands resemble mine so much and that is really special to me in a way that I can't really explain. I found myself being so absorbed in the instructing aspect and being inspired by his creativity and eagerness to learn. Sometimes I do ponder teaching pottery and I think I am going to spend more time considering this. At this time in my life, when my mind is going in so many directions with my pottery, it feels so meaningful to be able to share these experiences and wares with the people I love!


  1. Such a beautiful post. What a wonderful time the two of you had together.. and you have more similar than just his hands- look at some baby pictures..amazing.

  2. How lovely. I'm sure he loved it!

  3. Very sweet that he asked you to teach him! I love the pictures.