"Practice makes progress"

The constant beautiful weather and blossoms have lifted my spirits back up to full Laura caliber and armed me with the drive to produce. I am back on the bottle, figuratively speaking, working towards smoother contours and less flaring bottle necks. I am really in love with the forms and am feeling more peace in the studio as I throw these days, being more in tune and balanced with what I am working on. I don't have a pending deadline to be cautious of, and I am no longer feeling the strain of looking over my own shoulder.

As I continue to work on the vases/bottle (and various other items), I have also approached the point where I have to dive into the glaze application process. Honestly, this is a scary step for me and nibbling at my nails can only offer so much release of creative tension. Sigh. I envision these forms with a surface comprised of a majority of the bare clay body with just a touch of glaze. I want them possess the qualities of being simple, natural, elegant, sturdy and dependable. I will always be seeking a harmonious balance amongst the forms and their surfaces and hopefully this practice will successfully lead me further along in the process.

As a side note...the Art4Sale show was a success and I felt a sense of accomplishment as I packed up the remainder of my wares from the show. I am so thankful to those who attended and supported the event and I am always touched when people find a connection with my work enough to purchase it. Thank you!

Time to glaze~


  1. they all look wonderful, laura!!!

  2. Love them!!!! I need a couple for my house

  3. Haha, I have a vivid visualization of you nibbling your fingernails looking over your shoulder at the bottles. :)