A hefty ball of clay for starters, much larger than normal because I am working on a specific piece to house a friend's enormous and wise old Aloe plant.

Centered and opened to this stubby cylinder.

Appears to be a large bowl at this point, but the footing will be trimmed flat on the sides and a plate will fit snugly underneath to catch water drainage.

I've been casually working towards completing a commission of sorts for a friend. To be honest, I have not quite adapted to making "specific" pieces for people, but the more I do it, the more confidence I gain in my skill set. In this setting, I find myself somewhat creatively hindered as my mind aims to please. All in all though, my own "style" is beginning to emerge and with practice making progress, I feel more fancy-free. As much as I love the sunshine with its high beams on, I also crave dark rainy days, much like today. Days like these foster prime working conditions for creativity to sprout as the tension eases from my mind and clarity seeps in. I no longer harbor the urge to be bustling about, but instead settle into the stillness of the day.

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