Pleasantly pleased~

Fresh out of the kiln and ready to be peddled away at the Market this Saturday! I have spent quite a bit of time on/with these pieces already during their formation, but I still pause and ponder, "Maybe just a little more time together before saying goodbye?". That's got to be a "normal" intuition, as the "mother" in me steps in for a moment. Or, maybe I really am just a little weird. I invest so much creative, physical, and emotional energy into my wares when I am making them that when they are at long last completed, I sense a gratifying spark of pride in my productions. It has taken a long time to get to this place and I look forward to the growth that the future will bring.

Anywho...there are many more fresh out of the kiln that I have a fondness for and it means the world to me when someone picks them up and just has to have one for themselves or for someone else they love.

Here's to being grateful for the time, talent and skill I have at this time to invest in making these wares and for the people that support this love of mine as well.

See you at the Market!


  1. Laura! These are beautiful! I can't wait to meet them in person.

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  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate your input!

  4. I wonder the moment that my piece was created...i lay on my left side before bed...which means there is plenty of time to study the side silhouette. When you see a piece of art, do you wonder about the momeny is came into existance? when mood were you in? How did you feel about it on the wheel? and out of the kin? were you proud? is there some insignificant spot that i haven't yet to discovered? Know that your pieces are cherished...

  5. Thank you so much Lissa. I love that you have a love for the piece, means so much to me. I make everything with my heart on my sleeve and it gets pretty messy in the studio, but I am always secretly in love with the work.