As of late, I seem to have fallen off of the blog-wagon... and feel slightly knocked off track with my studio work as well. This is mainly due to me Barista-ing my time away, and to the shuffled shift in seasons. Again, I am taking my time to calibrate the scales and balance my routine. I have stated this enough times for me to know that this is all a part of my working process and that the creative energy I need will surface in due time. Alas, tis' the season for my introspection to thrive and I sense that a pinch more blogging and pottery will formulate under these conditions.

A little studio time here and there has led me to produce this smug lineup. I am not sure WHAT I want to work on next. I need to be spending some time in the meantime on wares for a few winter shows, but I also want to work on pieces that are more intense, more involved, more expressive and a little more beautiful. Kick it up a notch, so to speak. So, we will see what this fall provokes and transpires from within.

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