"Franny Freckle Farkle"...

1987. Bottom left to right: Fran, me, and Clare. Upper left to right: my dad, mom, and James. Not pictured: Mark, Andy, Jill and Josie. They wouldn't have all fit anyway...

Taking a moment to remember my sister, Fran. Today would be her 40th birthday and I often wonder what kind of life she would have led if she had been WELL. Unfortunately she struggled with her diabetes and lost her life to years of diabetic damage/kidney failure when she was 34 years old. If you know me, you know the story and know that it is another significant loss that melds me into everything that I am... and sometimes more insecure than other times. I love my family for who we are and for all that we have survived together; taking nothing for granted and collecting the moments, one by one. I like to remember Fran as she was in this photo: healthy, alive, stable, and the big sister that would "do" my hair from time to time (obviously not for this photo!). I am reminded of when I hear her daughter laugh, when I see her son's forehead, etc., and I like that she continues in this way. This year will be the 6 year anniversary of her death. I am grateful to have the memories that I have of her. How has time has seeped into the cracks so quickly?

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  1. You have a wonderful way of describing things.. I love it. Your words bring tears to my eyes, because of how you see the world..full of love. We have many good memories of Franny, lets run those through our minds and SMILE!
    love you laura