"So says I"


Sheesh! I am a girl that craves a dark and dull day from time to time, but right now I could surely use a dose of sunshine, a dip in a hot tub, or maybe even just a bouquet? Despite the gravity of the gray, I do find solace knowing that I am not alone in feeling like this. I promise myself that the next snowy or sunny day that comes along, I will get out the NikonD3000 and shoot up this town. In the meantime, I will laugh with my beautiful friends and remember to smile.

My creative inspiration remains muddled.

Both intentionally and unintentionally (is this allowed?), I have eased myself away from the potter's wheel and set my sights on stampings. Through my creative process, I've recognized that it is fruitless to pretend to myself that it is necessary (or even possible) to always have the creative energy on hand that I need to fuel a successful day of throwing on the wheel. Some of my favorite ways to plan my pace (or pace my plan), are to; experiment with textures/stamps on clay surfaces, peer at interior design ideas, and to admire the creations and crafts of others. So, lately I have been making a lot of pendants, earrings, magnets, etc. (photos above). I have started to incorporate a white stoneware clay body into my work. The consistency of the clay responds favorably to the stamping applications of both organic and man-made imprints. I am looking forward to seeing them glazed and assembled. And then....they will be posted and for sale on my Etsy shop!

One year ago today, I opened my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/LauraBrandenburg. I have dreamed of stocking the shop, and am finally ready! It isn't stocked yet...but I feel more accountable by making the statement that I WILL launch this shop soon. A special thank you to Suzanne Kopson for her such sweet help with etsy galore.

Stay tuned~

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  1. this stuff looks great Laura! I can't wait to see your etsy shop!