I do declare~

Baby Beach, Aruba. "BabyMoon" 2010

Sometimes I find myself narrating a blog posting in my head and know that it is high time I sit down for a minute to spurt off my thoughts, you know... to the computer. I value the simple existence of this blog; my soundboard, focus board and diving board. Such a dependable tool for me to realign and share my thoughts, ideas and inspirations; catalog the progress of my work and log my participation in events.

So, here I sit. Lots to catch up on, really. Sometimes I don't know where I am going with my pottery, but I always know, deep down, that this is "what" I want to "do". I constantly dream to be a clay artist as a living, and sometimes when I am sitting behind the wheel, I realize that at that moment I actually am a clay artist, that this is really happening. One step at a time. Life continues to unfold and possibilities are aplenty.

Finally feeling some pep in my step again, ready to tackle the wheel and all of its splendor. I have some serious pedaling to the metal(ing) to accomplish in the next few months in order to keep on track for upcoming summer and winter shows. Our dream to have a baby has come true and my belly is just beginning to swell with child. Words cannot be inserted here to exclaim my dreamy excitement and anticipation. I remind myself to soak in each moment of this experience and still cannot believe that this dream has come true.

More soon!


  1. That's great news! Congratulations.

  2. You are so amazing in every aspect. This is a beautiful blog.

  3. Well said. So happy for you!