Gathering Momentum...

Just some quick notes of my thoughts of the outcome of Riverfest 2010. First, I am thankful for the many compliments I received on my wares! I am not a very confident person, but standing among my work in my 10x10 space, I did feel that my authentic self was evident, that the true me was being represented, and I had a confidence in my current work that I have been working so hard to achieve. So, I did get to spend a moment or two to acknowledge my efforts and accomplishments...such a fulfilling feeling. Although it was not a profitable day for me money-wise (more so extremely exhausting due to me being pregnant, the humidity and heat, and length of booth hours), it did offer me exposure to the public as I was well situated along a high traffic footpath. I am proud of myself for entering this experience and giving a larger venue a try. I am no longer skittish about "setting up shop" in such a setting. I intend to apply for some larger shows next year. I did spend time brainstorming some ideas on how to spruce up my display for a slightly more "professional" or "experienced" sense about my space and I am in the process of getting set up to take credit cards. Now it is time to get back into the studio and stock up on work that will carry me through the rest of my pregnancy and early months of motherhood.

The collage above is an assemblage of inspirations that have gathered to paste in my studio and keep me company as I venture forth with new works. I do hold on to the dream that I will be able to "make a living" with my pottery as time goes on and my work and I continue to evolve together.

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