My mind has been here and there, and everywhere for the past few months. I always feel a little more "sorted out" after a solid blogging session, so why not just start with the present?

Presently, I am 32 weeks pregnant with our baby girl. She is kicking as I type and I savor each moment of our bond to one another during this pregnancy. I am in a place in life that I once thought I would only would ever be able to dream about, a place that I am honored to be in, and a place that I dream for all women to be able to experience; if they so desire. This journey has been taken one day at a time and I am still caught off guard when I catch sight of my bursting belly out of the corner of my eye. Although there are weeks left to go and I love being pregnant, I also cannot wait to lay eyes on her, see my husband holding her, and figure out over our lifetime what this little person is all about. I know that she likes ice cream and prenatal yoga and doesn't want me to sleep very much. Throughout this journey, I have thought a lot about the conglomeration of genes that make up this little being. Will I one day be looking into the beautiful and calming eyes my dad had, or my husband's father's smile he had in life...will we even recognize the things that we have forgotten, the things that we never had a chance to know? Will we see one another in her? There is so much to look forward to and I am determined to continue to live each moment in the present as we evolve though this lifetime, together.

Speaking of my belly, it is almost time for me to step aside from the throwing wheel and "call it a day". I have a few more pieces that I am determined to create and then will work on fulfilling my studio goals (such as making a proper wedging table, sorting filing, cleaning, etc.). The Barr Street Market has kept me very busy this summer, selling on Saturdays and working on orders and my personal stock during the week. At first I was annoyed by myself for requesting so many market dates...being pregnant, the humidity and heat being the worst that I can ever remember it being, and sales slow in the beginning. But, here we are and I am pleased with the response and support I have received from the community. I am inspired to continue with my work. I am thankful for the sales and for my work being admired/appreciated and finding places of purpose in peoples' homes. I plan to continue with a few market dates next summer, but also applying for larger shows. We will see how it all unfolds. Time to bring some focus back to my abandoned etsy shop and stock it up for the Holiday season.

I have one more market date, September 18th...come see me from 9am-1pm.~

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