It's obvious to me that I've been "cooped up" for far too long. Being a mom is amazing but zoning out now and then is a necessity, for me. A date with some headphones and a hearty glass of red wine nearly knocks my socks off these days. Bliss. I've always loved pouring over song lyrics, reading between their lines and filling them into the blanks in my life, but find that I am tired of the music I listen to. I don't have the discipline it takes invest the time it takes to discover "new" music. I am not sure what I even like anymore. In my car I listen to NPR, in the studio I listen to audio books, and at home I listen to lullabies. I need some jams. The search is on.

It's time for me to gear up for February. For the past few years I have deemed February "focus" month, because living in this climate during this time of year leaves me feeling dingy. February is a bleak month. I try to hone in and pay attention to myself a little more...to start out on and embrace those New Year intentions I've laid out for myself. I mainly intend to re-enter the studio and begin cranking out some wares. I have a production method that I would like to try and will start researching some new ideas for my forms. I am really looking forward to this. I don't necessarily feel more inspired, just looking forward to going back to something familiar, something that feels like the me that I know.

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  1. Check out "Low." They are a husband and wife duo. Beautiful stuff. xo