Tiny Toes

Our little Lily is already almost 9 weeks old and I still look at her as though she is a mirage. Our lives are certainly different these days, in a beautiful way that I could never have imagined. Of course there are days that I discover my shirt is on inside out, or backwards, I don't know how to carry on adult conversation anymore and I barely have a chance to brush my teeth, but that just means that I get to spend more time dreamily staring at her, soaking it all in.

Since the moment she arrived, I have sensed an intense internal shift which I am sure is part of the parenting package. What I feel is so much more of a desire to be my authentic self, to strive harder to live my passion and to rebuild/fortify my mind and body relationship through deepening my yoga practice. Without this, I find myself on the other side of the looking glass.

Looking forward to all that this New Year brings. Love.

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