*Living Whole*

Baby's eyes have just closed with a sigh (after quite a struggle) and so have the dog's, leaving me with some moments to delve into my perspective. I will soon arrive back on the beaten path and blog about ceramics again, but since it isn't integrated back into my physical life just yet, the disconnect doesn't leave me with much to share on the topic. I would like to state however, that my pottery intentions for February include throwing and glazing new work that will FINALLY stock my Etsy store by April. Mark my words! I feel restored now after stepping away from the wheel for these months, but I crave to build my artist lifestyle and feel balanced.

A huge missing element in my life right now is my yoga practice. My body, mind and soul have been on quite the journey together in the past year and are left feeling depleted. Beginning NOW, I will dedicate one of my daughter's nap-times during each day to my home practice of Vinyasa yoga. I long to be a student again (and maybe someday a teacher), but for now I will have be my own student. When I finally settle down on the mat to practice, my mind goes blank as to what pose to do next. It would be simple if I liked to follow instruction on DVD, but I don't. I have found inspirational tools online to help me rebuild my dedication.
One of my favorite tools is on Whole Living where I have set up an account and stock it with articles, photos and instruction that feed me enough to assemble my practice. Sigh. Time to rebuild.

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