As I ready my work for display, I notice that I also tote around persistent nagging worries that I am not "achieving" as much as I'd like to be in the studio these days. It's such a drag to harbor these thoughts and it's time to shake myself free of them. When I wrote that last line, I had a flash of a memory of something that my dad used to say (in his Australian accent)... "Go outside and shake yourself!". I am not sure what it was in reference to, but probably had something to do with us kids laughing about farts. It must be a remedy for something at least. I will give it a try. The reality is that I HAVE managed to muster up some time management skills and actually DO feel good about having the amount of work accomplished that I do. Because of this, I am not letting myself stress last minute about being prepped and ready to go for setting up shows. I am pumped about the packaging concept (above) that my husband (thank you!!!) and I actualized together for the jewelry aspect of my work. It is simple and being the Plain Jane that I am, I love it. I am feeling more composed about my display and look forward to seeing how it will all come together for the summer shows.

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