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Berry Bowls
I've added a new form to my collection! These bowls hold a variety of dry goods and I am loving using the one that I made for myself. Everyone needs one of these! Soon they will be glazed and integrated into my new body of work that I am putting together for upcoming summer shows. 

There is less than one month left for me to pull myself, and my work, together for Three Rivers Festival Art in the Park. When I am working in the studio these days, I try to keep my mind from fixating on the upcoming Festival. I want my work to be made in the moment but lately, I find myself envisioning and questioning the work fitting into my booth display as the work is being created. I am not even sure yet of exactly how I want to set up my booth, so my mind is scattered. I have learned from experience that things generally never turn out to be the way that I imagined them to be, so I want to keep an open mind with each piece I make and trust that it will fit in wherever I display; because it is such a part of me...part of the "collection". 

More soon...

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