I am still exhaling sighs of relief that "Art in the Park" is over. It was such a mental hurdle for me. All of the prepping, all of the uncertainties, my first show after having the baby, the highest foot traffic show I have been in yet, the most expensive booth fee yet, et cetera. Was it worth it? YES. (Although there were times I am pretty sure I was suffering from heat stroke...) So much of my energy, mental and physical, goes into producing in the studio; which I love. But, there is something magical (to me) about seeing it all finally put together in my booth, interacting with people, watching people interact with the work, hearing feedback and suggestions. I have so many fresh ideas of what I want to work on in the studio and honestly, I was feeling a bit stale in that department. It will probably always melt my heart when someone just has to have a piece that I have made, either for themselves or for someone special in their lives. I am finding that I really LOVE to make custom work as well. It used to be intimidating. So, thank you to everyone for stepping into my booth. Thank you for supporting the Arts and for fueling my passion to continue with my work. I look forward to seeing you again, soon! I am stalking the mailbox to hear whether or not I have been accepted into Jefferson Pointe Arts Festival. Keep you posted...

Up next-many more Berry Bowls (they were a hit), and some new items such as Sake Sets, Spoon Rests and Yarn Bowls.

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