"August and Everything After..."

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It's already September! I am still spinning from the whirlwind that was August. I feel like it was just May, what happened? I suppose being a busy Momma has something to do with it. I had a show every weekend in August, a first for me. It was exhausting to keep up with supplying (creating, firing, glazing, firing, pricing, packing) a body of work (in a limited time frame) with variety and to set it up and tear down each weekend. I really could not do this job alone (thank you to all of my helpers!). I feel like I can really "do this" now, this is what I have been wanting to feel; sure about my work. I have realized a few things that I would not have otherwise have noticed if I hadn't been so busy selling this month. For one, not everyone is left-handed (like me) and I should be more aware when I put the clasps on necklaces that the right-handed folk struggle in a left-handed world. This is a good realization. I need to pack better snacks and meals for myself when I am out at a show all day. I am really bad about this and there comes a time during the day that I get tongue-tied and dyslexic about money. I start to not remember if I had already mentioned something to the customer in front of me, or if that was the previous customer. This is poor self-care and it really affects my work. A HUGE realization is that a lot of people don't realize that I actually make the work myself. A lot of people ask if I made the work. Yes. Someone asked if I was a distributor of the work. NO. Instead of being offended by this, I understand that not everyone understands fine art and how it got to the table. I will work on having some artist-bio and photos of me working in the studio, on the wheel. I think this will be a nice addition to the display anyway. The work that I put into the work means too much to the final piece that is sitting out for sale. I have also realized that although I feel more sure about my work, I still feel like I am selling mySELF short in some way. I am not sure in what way exactly. I feel like my work is (by default) going in the direction of kitchen wares, and even though I do like this- I miss feeling my strength in larger forms. I would like to spend September (show-less) working on completing orders and working on larger, more decorative forms. Wall hangings, perhaps. I would like to really pour myself more into each piece. The jewelry seems to be a hot item... I will also continue with this work. It is a nice break away from the wheel. I am really grateful for the appreciation of my work and the support from the community that I feel. I am thankful for the sales and orders. THANK YOU!