Relax into the effort~

 Bisque-fired wares ready to be glazed.
 Tracing my leaf stencil with pencil.
 Applying wax-resist.
Clay pieces to glaze and assemble into jewelry.

This time last year, I was a brand new mom; overwhelmed with anxiety, sleep-deprivation and a tiny little baby that I loved - but hardly knew. It has been a beautiful year and I continue to adapt and transform as I carve myself into who I am today. I am still exhausted at the end of my day, but so in love and grateful to be the Mom of our little girl. My mantra has become wise words from a dear friend, Lindsey Britt. "Relax into the effort". I stop myself every so often and remind myself of this line. It applies to everything I do and sets me off on peaceful path. I love a good mantra!

It has been a challenge for me to stay focused and on task when it comes to my goals and deadlines for my pottery work, especially with the overlapping upcoming Holiday shows. Despite the hustle, I can handle the bustle.

I am really looking forward to THIS Holiday season!!! More soon...

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