Wrapping it up:

 Snippet of Foxy Ladies Art Posse:

 (Above photos taken by Clare Tarr and Laura Brandenburg)

The Foxy Ladies Art Posse - Holiday Gift Market turned out to be even cooler than I dreamed it would be! The venue was puffed full of festive zeal and the constant foot traffic of shoppers looking for something unique. I felt so proud to be surrounded by such a cohesive group of unique local talent, and friends. The event was truly a success and we will host another, for sure, next year to make this an annual event. I love daydreaming and brainstorming with my sister, Clare, as we toss around what might be next.

A special thank you to my sister, Clare, for coordinating this event with me (a blast), to Portley Colwell for designing and printing the poster, to Soup, Salad and Spirits for letting us host our event in their "Tiger Room", and thank you to all of the participating artists: Ruby Green, Jean Fabini, Rebecca Stockert, Josie Dellinger, The Green Stitch, Lorri Courtney, Mandy Jane Glass, Kristi Martin, Plastic Foliage, Beep Beep Babycakes, Polly Esther Threads, Sarah Jane Gaines, and Amy Krucina Handmade Soaps. Everyone made this event the success that it was!

I've been craving a lull in my production mode and the time has arrived. No more trying to squeeze in studio time when my daughter naps and hoping to make beautiful work in that time. I feel really good about my work and sales for this past year, and I look forward to what opportunities 2012 may offer. I am going to hibernate from my pottery life for a week (or two) and nourish my creative energy flow by relaxing my mind and expanding my gaze; focusing more on my breath and stretching my limbs to where with have been wishing I would take them.

Wishing you a lull in your life to enjoy, as well!

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  1. Laura, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday and I'm looking forward to what you do in 2012.