A January Jotting-

It wouldn't feel like New Year's Day if I didn't have my nails nibbled to bits. Disgusting, I know, but true. I learned a long time ago to never make quitting this bad habit a New Year's intention of mine. What I do want for this New Year is to continue the practice of 'letting go' and practice living in the present; recognizing my authentic self and being more kind to my own reflection. I often find my thoughts too far behind, or far off into the future. Time to be present (with lots of looking forward). I miss my yoga practice and will rekindle and nourish my love for the practice. My mind and body have missed being lightened, strengthened, aligned and transformed into various beautiful poses. As for my pottery- I dream of making this THE year that I mix my own glazes; research and experiment with a recipes to find what I am looking for to surface my wares. I wish to push my applications of surface design and evolve my forms. I will make efforts to venture out (like the old days) and mingle at various art openings; soaking in inspiration wherever it may BE. Inhale/Exhale...

"No more gasping for a breath
The air has filled me head to toe
And I can see the ground far below
I have this breath and I hold it tight
I keep it in my chest with all my might"

'Between Two Lungs' by Florence + The Machine

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