Inspiration is beginning to sprout! (These pictures aren't my "new" ideas, by I love the simplicity and beauty of the forms) My creativity has been dormant for too long and I am finally taking root again- rewiring my mind/body connection as the wheel spins. The more time I spend in the studio, the more I experiment with ideas and daydream about my upcoming season of creating, displaying, and selling. The daydreaming sessions I have are one of my favorite parts of being a potter. I love the process of creating the wares with my hands from start to finish, but I also really love picturing my work finally coming together in my booth and finding love. My daydreaming and sketching has burst some new ideas into my head and I look forward to making/finding time to put some time into my work. I have been so focused on my "mom" role that I have slid uncomfortably far away from my "potter" role. It is so easy to procrastinate!

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