Gearing up-

 I didn't have a meltdown.

It might seem as though something really amazing has just happened by the looks of the photo above, but it didn't. I just can hardly stand to have my photo taken so this face came out to play. My daughter does the same face sometimes and now I think I know what she is feeling when she makes the face. I have been working away (only about 2hrs a day but that is a lot to add to a stay at home momma's schedule) in the studio and staying on task. I have so many back to back shows coming up and I never know exactly how much work I need to have on hand. I always have more than enough, but I like to have a wide variety and be stocked up, and I tend to worry about everything most of the time anyway. My yoga teacher, from the days of yore, used to tell us to "set ourselves up for success" when we were going into a pose. This meant to have our props handy, and focus on our alignment and breathing so we could really BE in the pose; not to rush into it. I carry this idea with me and use it all of the time when I am in work mode. Because I only work in the studio for small spurts of time, I usually try to focus on one part of my working process. Such as- one night I will spend time only throwing, the next night focus on trimming the wares that I threw the night before, the next night work on carving, et cetera. This method keeps me from becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work I want to accomplish. There are so many things I would like to do with my work, if I had more time. I would like to really make my Etsy shop happen, but I really do not have the drive/focus/dedication that it needs right now. I would love to gather small bodies of work and spread them around a little more than I do, locally, on consignment but I don't have the stock to do so. It might be time to hire a babysitter. I am really pleased with how the work is turning out and once everything is fired and ready for the markets, I will post some photos. But for now, the cicadas are buzzing and that is one of my favorite sounds to relax to so I am going to enjoy it RIGHT NOW!

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  1. A dear friend once taught me the saying "present moment, wonderful moment." (This friend was you!) Enjoy your moment! xo