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 Polaroid Transfers by Me.

 I have always wanted to incorporate my love of Polaroid Transfers into my pottery work, but until recently didn't know what path I wanted to take to blend the two mediums. The necklaces above are some ideas I have been playing around with and I am pretty pumped about the finished product. I studied this photographic image transfer process in college and have admired it since then. If you happen to have slides that you would like for me to make into a keepsake for you, email me at stonewares@gmail.com. I do custom work. Because of the size of film that I am using, the transferred image can only be approximately 3x3 (inches) at most. With this process, the photographic image can be put on a variety of surfaces. I have applied it to canvas, wood, glass, vintage porcelain doorknobs, paper and stoneware clay.

For these necklaces: I created the white stoneware clay piece that became a base for the transferred image. I gathered slides that I have collected over the years and with the use of my slide printer (daylab), I printed the original slide image onto 669 Polaroid film. I then pulled the film from the cartridge and set the print aside for a minute to allow the image to develop. I peeled back the paper backing that the chemistry was on and then had a Polaroid photograph. I added a new contact paper backing to the photo and set the photo into (not sure of the temperature right now) very hot water. The image began to release from the contact paper backing and I peeled the flimsy film (image) completely away from the backing. I then was able to apply this image to the clay surface. I finished the surface with a semi-matte protective coating and assembled the piece into a necklace. This whole process is pretty involved and takes a lot of practice and patience.


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