Chicken Butt:

Here are some chicken butt roasters that I have been working on for a special order. I will begin to include them in my range of other wares that I normally make, as well. They are actually really fun to throw on the wheel.

It has certainly been a great summer season of shows, despite the heat and humidity I suffered though most of the time. I just want to thank everyone that supports (or has supported) me and my work! I am thankful to see you at shows, even if you aren't in the market for my pottery. I am thankful for you taking time to check out my blog and for having faith in me with your custom orders. Thank you for shopping local and supporting your local artists and community! I am so inspired to continue with my work and to create new forms. I look forward to upcoming autumn shows that I will be in and even shows that I want to try for next year.

I am especially grateful for my husband, who helps to set up EVERY show that I do and I know that I could not be living my dream without his support. Thank you, Tony!


  1. It's easy to love local with artists like you in town, Laura! <3