I wanted to share my new favorite piece. I have been playing around with lidded vessels and am really happy with how this one turned out. I feel like I want to keep this one for myself!

The Foxy Ladies Art Posse-Holiday Gift Market was a HUGE success again this year and plans are underway for hosting more shows in 2013. I am so thankful for the community supporting local arts! I have never sold so much pottery before! I am also thankful for the artists that participated in the event, this just keeps getting better.

I am taking a hiatus from the studio, and feeling a little guilty about it. But, I don't want to be down there just cranking out work because I feel like I need to be. I will get back to throwing when the time is right. I need to sort out my mind a little bit about what I want to be making, what direction I want to move in, what shows I want to participate in. I want to really focus on stocking up my Etsy shop this year. I want to find and dedicate more time to WORKING. Pottery is my work and it is so important to me. I love to create it, I love to see it evolve and I love to share it.

Something that I really want to work on rekindling is my yoga practice. It used to be such a significant part of my life, but ever since I declared to myself that I would work on my home practice (being a new mom two years ago), I left it by the wayside. I also feel guilty about that. BUT, I look forward to making a point to integrate into my life again, into ME.

"Janus" is the god of beginnings and transitions, the future and the past. In my life I always struggle with guilt and worry. Guilt is about the past and worry is about the future. This year, I intend to focus on the present.


  1. what a great blog post, laura! You are such an amazing person, friend, and artist, oh and mom and wife and the list goes on and on! keep up all the good work! happy new year!

    1. Sarah, that is so sweet. Thank you! I feel the same about you. (You are a mom to your dog and a wife to your pottery)