Glazing Day

Glazing is sometimes, but not often, exciting to me. I actually kind of dread the whole ordeal. But, it brings me one step closer to my favorite part of the pottery process and that is finally seeing the finished pieces and setting them up for display. Glazing WILL be more exciting to me someday when I make & mix my own glazes and have more quantity to dip and pour the glazes instead of hand-painting each and every piece - like I do now. I spent the day (thank you husband!) glazing, will fire the kiln to cone 6 tonight, and can finally chill out a little about getting ready for my big show (Tapestry) on this upcoming Friday. The wares pictured on the right are all the bisqued pieces that came out of the kiln this morning to be glazed.

 Bottom layer of load to be fired to cone 6.

Middle layer.
I usually pack the kiln much tighter with more work and use any spare shelf space left for my jewelry pieces. But, because I have been slightly slacking, this is all I have for now. I can't wait to open the kiln on Wednesday morning to see how everything turned out! Then I will have to photo and price, sort and pack up the pieces for set up of the show on Thursday. I do have pottery that is in the wet stages right now that I am also really excited about. I am working on some oval forms and tall vases. I forget how much I love to make vases. I have a large teapot (custom order) in the works and am going to be working on hanging planters for the upcoming spring and summer market dates I have.


  1. They're beautiful! You are so creative. Can't wait to see postings of the finished pieces. Very excited for you! Friday is a big event!

    1. Peggy, thank you for reading my blog and for your encouraging support. :-)